Club Constitution



The following articles provide The Constitution and Rules which will bind the modus operandi of the Club and the activities of the members. Taking up membership status of the Club implies acceptance to abide by such articles.

  1. The Club
    1. The name of the club shall be The Northey Arms Boules Club, hereinafter to be referred to as, ‘the Club’.
    2. The Club will be of private status, and run on a strictly non-profit making basis.
    3. The Club will be a private, independent, bona-fide organisation in its own right, with activities and affairs being governed according to the Club’s own constitution and set of rules.
  2. Aim and Purpose
    1. The aim of the club shall be to organise and provide opportunities for the members to learn about, practice and become involved in all aspects of the sport of Petanque (sometimes referred to as Boules).
    2. Additionally, the club will aim to promote the sport within the local community and wider and to establish and maintain active contact with other organisations of similar interest.
  3. Management
    1. The affairs of The Club will be managed by The Club Executive Committee in the interests of the membership. (hereinafter to be referred to as The Committee.)
    2. The Club Committee shall have the power to introduce new rules or alter the way in which club rules are presently implemented, but these will not become part of the official constitution until ratified at the forthcoming Club General Meeting.
    3. The Committee will be made up of those officers who have agreed to be put forward for election and been successfully voted into position by the membership through an open and democratic process. This election will take place at the club A.G.M. and those successfully elected will hold post thereafter for one year. This will not prevent an officer or former officer from standing for election in subsequent terms.
    4. The quorum for any Club General Meeting shall be one third of the total current full and paid membership. Should one third of the membership not be present, a minimum of 8 full members will be acceptable.
    5. The Committee shall arrange a club Annual General Meeting in January each year and invite all members to attend. At least fourteen (14) days written notice of the date for a club A.G.M. must be given by the Club Secretary.
    6. Wherever a position on the committee remains vacant, a bye-election may be organised at any time in order to fill it.
    7. An Extraordinary Club meeting may be called at any time by the Committee or requested by at least one third of the club membership (full and paid). However fourteen (14) days notice of the meeting date must be given in all cases.
    8. The Committee will be made up from the following Executive Officer positions:
      • Chair
      • Treasurer
      • Secretary
      • Events Co-ordinator
      • Communications Co-ordinator
      • Committee Members without special portfolio. (maximum of 3).
    9. A member of the elected Executive Committee will be appointed to the position of Vice-Chair
    10. The Committee, on behalf of the Club members, may invite an existing Club member to take up the non-executive office of Honorary President for the duration of that committee.
    11. The Committee will appoint a Club member to the non-executive position of Club Captain for the term of that committee.
    12. Quorum for Club Executive Committee meetings will be three of the elected committee members.
    13. Decisions at meetings will be made as deemed appropriate and after those present have had the opportunity to offer their views.  Where it is not possible to reach a consensus, The Chair may request a democratic vote and will hold a casting vote to be used at his or her discretion.
    14. The Committee will meet regularly to carry out its duties, and records of such meetings will be kept and made available to the membership and to other persons as deemed appropriate from time to time.
    15. No officer of the club, nor any member, may receive payment for services rendered to or on behalf of the club as part of normal duties of office, except for the reimbursement of expenses incurred as a result of those official activities undertaken on behalf of the club and which have been previously agreed.
    16. From time to time, it may be appropriate for the Committee to set up Sub-Committees of ordinary members from within the club.  Club Associate Members may also be invited to join such a committee.  However,   any such committee must include at least one member of the current Executive Committee,  will act within the framework of the Club Constitution and will report back to The Executive Committee on a regular basis.  Records of sub-committee meetings will need to be kept and made available to the Executive Committee.
    17. The Club may affiliate to other bodies and organisations from time to time as deemed appropriate and relevant to the benefit of the membership and the Club’s status.
    18. The financial accounting year of The Club shall run from 1st January to the following 31st December
  4. Membership
    1. Membership of The Club may be granted to all those who successfully complete the application process as instigated and administered by the Club Committee and have paid the annual subscription fee appropriate to the membership category.
    2. The club will actively promote a policy of anti-discrimination, and nobody will be will be unfairly denied membership, nor any associated rights, on the grounds of age, gender, race, colour, religion, disability, political association, or other prejudice.
    3. All members of the club must agree to abide by and actively uphold the rules put down in these articles of The Constitution and general standards of behaviour and ethics expected by the club and those who may associate with the club.
    4. During competition, member players will be expected to play within the rules, to adhere to the spirit of the sport and to display high standards of sportsmanship throughout.
    5. Full membership of The Club will be open to all adults over 18 years of age upon completion of the relevant administration, payment of the membership fee and acceptance of the application by the Club Committee.
    6. Associate membership entitles a club member to enjoy all the rights of a full member but not the privilege of attendance at formal club meetings, nominating or voting at elections for office nor holding office on The General Management Committee. The Member may serve on a club sub-committee at the discretion of the Management Committee.  The Associate Member may participate in playing Club events.  Any further playing participation will require full Club membership status.
    7. Junior membership will be available to those 17 years of age or under until midnight on 31st December of the calendar year in which membership begins and upon completion of  the appropriate application procedure.
    8. The amount of money to be paid to the club as an annual membership subscription will be determined by a decision made at the club A.G.M. The amount to be paid as a match fees for the following season will also be agreed at this meeting.
    9. The Committee shall have the right to accept or refuse new or renewed applications for club membership.
  5. Discipline
    1. Should a club member act in any way in a manner contrary to Club rules or accepted standards of ethical behaviour, the Committee shall have the power to suspend or curtail full or part membership rights forthwith and at any time, if it is deemed to be in the interest of the club to do so.  Anyone incurring such a penalty will have the right of appeal against the decision, as long as such an appeal be received in writing by any member of The  Committee no later than fourteen days from the date of notification of that decision.
  6. Liability
    1. The Committee and all other Club members will together be wholly responsible for the caretaking ownership  of all club assets in their entirity, so long as they remain members.
    2. The same body will also be liable for any losses and debts of the club, provided that these were incurred as a consequence of activities officially sanctioned by The Committee.
  7. Dissolution
    1. The Club may be dissolved at any time by consent of a majority of he members voting in a ballot of members.
    2. Any funds and assets of the Club held at that time may be transferred to successor bodies on their formation and on dissolution of the Club.
    3. If, upon the winding up or dissolution of the Club, there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any further assets and property whatsoever, this shall not be distributed amongst the members of the Club, but given to other institutions having similar aims to the Club. Such institutions would be determined by members of the Club before, or at the time of dissolution, and insofar as effect cannot be given to such provisions, then to some appropriate charitable object as is agreed.

Approved by AGM. February 2014

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